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The City of New Orleans is launching a new bike-sharing program this coming fall, according to the Uptown Messenger. The Brooklyn-based Social Bicycles will run the new public transportation program, which is currently set to launch in October 2017. The bike-sharing program will operate out of 70 stations located throughout the city.

The bike-sharing program partners New Orleans’ Transportation Department with Social Bicycles, a company that uses mobile and wireless technology to make renting bikes easy and accessible. The partnership is part of Mayor Landrieu’s efforts to make NOLA public and alternative transportation options more reliable and accessible.

According to an American Community Survey, New Orleans boasts the 10th highest percentage of residents who cycle to work each day. In the last decade alone, New Orleans has paved more than 100 miles of bike lanes throughout the city. Social bike tours, bike parades, and bicycle valets are now common events in city programming. With so many bike commuters, NOLA is developing its own culture around biking.

Let’s take a closer look at New Orleans’ burgeoning bike community:

Dashing Bicycles & Accessories

Dashing Bicycles & Accessories strives to foster and empower women and families to be part of NOLA’s active bicycle network. Follow Dashing Bicycles on social media to stay apprised of local bike news and events.

Naveen Kailas

Marin Tockman, Owner of Dashing Bicycles & Accessories. [Photo via]


Gerken’s on St. Claude in Bywater offers full-service bike repairs and rentals. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can recommend great places in the city to explore on your bike.


Buzz Nola Rentals & Tours has a large fleet of cruisers available to rent. Buzz Nola also offers bike tours which are popular among New Orleanians who enjoy connecting with fellow riders.

Bike Easy

Bike Easy, a local advocacy group for cycling-enthusiasts, hosts a variety of community events which aim to make biking in New Orleans easier and safer.